Lubdub is an Intentional World Glitch Dub outfit based on the East Coast of Australia.


Five inspired friends brought together through an intense love of music and a belief in its ability to connect and heal. They share a vision of UNITY, bringing people together to connect and co-create in the vibrations of Peace, Harmony, Self-expression and Love through Music and Dance.


Lubdub have been cooking away electro-acoustic delights in the Lublab since mid 2007 - crafting, creating and cutting an immersive sonic journey through the deserts of Dub/Reggae, the WILDerness of Glitch Bass Music and the wide oceans of World Sounds. Live guitars, flutes, keys, chanting & percussion bring to life their already vivid compositions. Carefully woven & beautifully deep arrangements that continuously evolve: a blending of the organic & electronic, a merging of traditional & modern, a balance of intuition & intention, a synching of left & right hemispheres…


The collective consists of five very dedicated & talented musicians:

Fred Woller (Production, Synths & Audio Wizardry)

Yuval Shalit (Production, Guitars, Keys, Flute, Chant, Percussion)

Marcelo Martins - (Space percussion, Harmonica, Field Recordings and Vocals)

Bodhi Seed (Guitar)

Darcy Davis (Keys)

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